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I will represent the people of Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District and will work to build a strong and thriving economy, support our families, and preserve our national security.  

I am the candidate that can ensure this pivotal seat stays in the hands of those who best represent Wisconsin values. I have served our country, protecting our nation from threats overseas. I honor the oath that I took to protect and defend our Constitution and will continue to serve our nation and the people of our great state with principled, decisive leadership.



What Unites Us Is Stronger than What Divides Us

  • We may have political differences – yet we are neighbors, friends, and family. I may disagree with actions and policies, but I will seek to understand other points of view. I will lead with logic, truth, and reason.

  • Civility is strength, not weakness – I will stand on principle and respect others.  

  • Democracy depends on voters and civic engagement – I will fight for ballot access and fair voting districts.


A Strong Economy Makes a Strong America

  • Inflation Fight – we have the best jobs market in 50 years, but higher prices threaten long-sought wage gains. I will support measures to improve our supply chains and fight higher prices.

  • Farms, dairies, and forests power the western Wisconsin economy – I will support efforts to keep these industries competitive and in the hands of our residents – not overseas conglomerates.

  • Cyber, high tech, and green energy – with five colleges and universities in WI-03, we can provide a competitive employment and business base and great jobs.

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Supporting Those Who Need it Most

  • Education – pre-K, K-12, vocational education, and college access are a core of American strength and competitiveness. We must invest in our schools.

  • Healthcare Access – Compared to other countries, we spend more money for worse health outcomes. We can cut drug costs while paying health workers better. We need expanded access to health, mental health, and dental care in rural areas and for LGBTQ+ communities.

  • Elderly – We must take care of and give dignity to those who raised us – our parents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors. Our seniors deserve shelter, medical care, and respect.

  • Incentivizing the profession of caregiving for children, home-bound, and seniors. 

  • Human and Reproductive rights – We will fight against discrimination of every form. We must protect women's right to choose. Having children is a life--changing choice, and we must codify Roe v. Wade into law.


Our Farms, Our Forests, Our Future

  • Pure air, Pure water – western Wisconsin depends on a clean environment for its agriculture, its economy, and its recreation. I will fight to preserve our land heritage for future generations. 

  • Green Jobs and Business – Jobs of the future are in renewable energy, biofuels, and high-tech management of our resources.

  • We are stewards of our parks, public lands, and waterways. They are core to our Wisconsin lifestyle and economy – I will fight to increase open and accessible lands and waterways.

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Clear-eyed on a Dangerous World

  • America faces danger abroad - we face threats from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and terrorists.  We must maintain a strong national defense, built on future threats like cyber attacks.

  • We must be strong and united at home lest our adversaries exploit our divisions.

  • Veterans – We must honor and support those who serve, in uniform and out.



  • Wisconsin feeds the nation through our family farms and small businesses, and yet those core groups were rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Our teachers, first responders, and healthcare workers made incredible sacrifices throughout the pandemic. It continues to overwhelm critical infrastructure like hospitals and schools.

  • COVID-19 caused an unprecedented disruption in our supply chain and cost America $16 trillion dollars. We must act now to protect ourselves from the next pandemic before it starts.